Gas-powered motorcycles? What's that? Scooters are the IN thing today. Zip around your neighborhood the FUN way.

What's The Best Electric Scooter?

Finding the perfect electric scooter can be tough. Who would've thought to place a powerful motor on a kid's toy anyway?!

But if you're looking for some mild-mannered adventure, an electric scooter is the perfect ride that can accommodate both short travel and play.

Looking for an awesome scooter as a gift or even for your own use? Read our Best Electric Scooter Guide, updated for 2018!

adult on electric scooter

About Join Fuse

Hi! I'm Elizabeth and I made Join Fuse to share my passion with electric scooters! Call me a fanatic but I use my electric scooter EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. From going to campus to visiting a relative 15 minutes away, I use my trustee Razor E300.

If you're on the fence about buying your own electric scooter, read a few buying guides and how-to's on here and I'm sure you'll be a convert in no time!

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