About Us

Hiya, I’m Elizabeth, and along with a couple of other like-minded people, we have gathered and created a site dedicated to Electric Scooters. When I say like-minded, I am talking about how we view ourselves as kids in adult bodies. Maybe perhaps a little smarter, but that’s very arguable.

adult on electric scooter

Yours truly, riding a Razor E90

Some of us have slight backgrounds in electronics and mechanics, others have just had many, many messy experiences and reading ups on electric scooters, and we think this might qualify us in informing you about the world of electric scooters, or at least find a valuable second opinion.

What you can find

We have come up with several listings on this site with feedback, the pros and cons, and general descriptions about each electronic scooter. We’d love to see little boys and girls (and adults and teens) equally enjoying the charm we get from the memory of scootering around, which is why we’ve made a list for the little ones. 

For the not so little ones, worry not, because we’ve made product lists of the best e-scooters in 2018 for adults and teenagers. There’s even a review on scooters with seats, which could be a matter of preference or needed aid.

If you’ve already got an electric scooter, then this is where the fun bits start – learning to use your electric scooter. And hey, this site can help you with that! You’ll be able to learn how to ride and charge your scooter, with a few personal suggestions here and there. Lastly, you can find out how to make your electric scooter go fast – with precautionary information, of course.

Overall all there’s nothing more we’d like than for you to make an informed decision and enjoy your time with e-scooters.

There is a childlike charm to an e-scooter that resonates in our adult (or not so adult) lives. So let’s have fun!

Enjoy Riding,


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