The Best Alcohol Wipes for Hand: Buying Guide

Alcohol wipes are a crucial part of keeping your hands clean and germ-free. With the spread of Covid-19, it is more important than ever to keep your hands as clean as possible. In this article, we will discuss the best alcohol wipes for hand hygiene, and how to use them to effectively keep your hands free of germs and bacteria.

1Pharma-C-Wipes 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (Case of 6 Canisters) …
2The Honest Company Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes, Unscented, 50 Count …
3Germisept 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes 4 Packs…
4Alcohol Wipes | Individually Wrapped Alcohol Prep Pads with 70% I…
5Old South Trading Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes – 3 Pillow Packs/80c…

Pharma-C-Wipes 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (Case of 6 Canisters)

What We Think About This

  • Convenient to take with when you travel. TSA compliant.
  • Strong, low lint sheets resist leaving behind particles.
  • Use as a topical first aid antiseptic to help prevent the risk of infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
  • Made in the USA
  • 40 wipes per canister: 5.6″ x 7″ sheet size.

The Honest Company Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes, Unscented, 50 Count

What We Think About This

  • Made with Aloe to keep hands moisturized
  • Wipe down with our Sanitizing Wipes to kill 99.9% of germs
  • Plant-derived alcohol
  • Made with 65% ethyl alcohol and a touch of aloe
  • For sticky hands & messes on-the-go, we got you covered

Germisept 75% Alcohol Antibacterial Hand Sanitizing Wipes 4 Packs

What We Think About This

  • ✅ BUY – (4 Packs X 50 Count = 200 Wipes)
  • ✅ ADVANCED 75% ALCOHOL FORMLULA: Help keep your family and those you care for healthy with Germisept Hand Sanitizing Wipes, using Germisept wipes is a convenient and gentle way to stay healthy.
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR FREQUENT USE: Germisept wipes are formulated to be gentle on skin containing no harsh chemicals. Free of harsh preservatives, and does not contain dye, triclosan, parabens or phthalates.
  • ✅ FDA REGISTERED SANITIZER: 75% Ethyl Alcohol with NDC# 7035-306-00
  • ✅ PERFECT FOR TRAVEL: The 50 Count travel pack fits just about anywhere making it convenient to take with you throughout the day while you are on-the-go

Alcohol Wipes | Individually Wrapped Alcohol Prep Pads With 70% I

What We Think About This

  • PERFECT FOR HOME USE – Alcohol prep pads are a must-have for home first aid kits or for regular use to prepare the skin for injections
  • STERILE & INDIVIDUALLY WRAPPED – Each pad is gamma sterilized, individually wrapped, and sealed to keep it sterile and to prevent leakage or drying out
  • FOUR LAYER WRAPPER – The 4-layer wrap provides an air tight seal which prevents leakage and drying out.
  • 400 MEDIUM 2-PLY PREP PADS – Each pad measures 1.18”x2.36”
  • SATURATED WITH 70% ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL – Saturated with 70% isopropyl alcohol for optimal effectiveness.

Old South Trading Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes – 3 Pillow Packs/80c

What We Think About This

  • We Care: Old South Trading is an American brand committed to providing you and your family with high-quality, reliable products. We are dedicated to your satisfaction.
  • Easy to Dispense & Re-Seal: Our disposable hand sanitizing wipes are in convenient resealable pouches to retain moisture while you’re on the go. They are great for your car, gym, work, town, and more.
  • 240 Total Wipes: Each pack contains 80 raised diamond pattern wipes and is ideal for scrubbing hands or surfaces.
  • Hassle-Free Clean: Our hand sanitizing wipes are a great alternative to messy liquid hand sanitizers that can leak in your car, backpack, or purse.
  • CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children unless with adult supervision. Do not flush. Flammable. Store in a cool, dry place. External use only; Avoid contact with eyes or inner mouth. See packaging for more information.

How To Choose Your Alcohol Wipes for Hand

Use our buying guide before you purchase Alcohol Wipes for Hand. Some features are necessary, while others may not be as important to you.:

Quality of the Unit

The product should be high-quality, durable, and last for more than one year. The best way to assess the quality is by reading reviews from other customers who have purchased and used the product.

Is the Unit Worth the Price Tag?

Price is not the only factor to consider while buying a product, but it’s an important one. You should compare how much you’re willing to spend on the item with what other sellers are offering similar products for. Keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better – quality should also be taken into consideration.

If the price difference is significant, choose the more expensive option as it is likely to be of better quality and last longer than its cheaper counterparts.


Before you buy a product, always double-check that the model you want includes all of the features you desire! If you’re unsure about any of them, read reviews from customers who have used those specific features. This way, you can get an idea of whether or not they would be useful to YOU.


There are a lot of risks involved while buying products online. Sometimes, the product doesn’t reach you, or it comes in damaged condition. So make sure that the seller offers a guarantee on the product.

Customer Support

Last but not the least, make sure that customer support is available for you in case of any issues or queries regarding your purchased product. If there is no help desk support, then you can always go to forums and review sites to find answers to any doubts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What ingredients are used in the alcohol wipes?

The ingredients used in alcohol wipes typically include isopropyl alcohol, water, and other cleansing agents such as polysorbate 20 or benzalkonium chloride.

2. How many wipes are included in each container?

The number of wipes included in each container varies depending on the size of the container.

3. Are the wipes suitable for use on sensitive skin?

Yes, the wipes are suitable for use on sensitive skin.

4. What is the alcohol concentration of the wipes?

The alcohol concentration of the wipes is typically 70% isopropyl alcohol.

5. Are the wipes effective against bacteria and viruses?

Yes, many disinfectant wipes are designed to be effective against bacteria and viruses when used as directed on the label.

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