Best Electric Scooter For Adults & Teenagers Reviews & Buying Guide

Roads are wrought with cars and dense pollution fills the air, you are either looking to avoid traffic or choosing a “greener” way of transit. 

So, what would be your choice?

Well, let's take a moment and thank the electronics technology we own today. It'd gifted us Electronic Motor Scooters, which checks all these demands, offers great mobility, ease in riding and suits all ages. 

By the way, we're not going to talk about every kind of scooters in the universe. Rather, we're focused into e-scooters that people of 14 to 50 can use. What we've done is, we've done a 13-days research in market, and picked up the best electric scooters for adults and teenagers, and presented them in an ascending manner of quality. 

Long story short- in case you're looking for one best electric scooter for adults, or for teenagers, you're going to find one shortly. So, stay along and let's start- 

Top Electric Scooter for Adults 2018

Maxtra E12012-14mph60 mins177 lbs.

Swagtron High Speed15mph60mins250 lbs.

Razor Power Core E9010mph80mins120 lbs.

Razor E20012mph40mins180 lbs.

Razor E30015mph40mins220 lbs.

You Need To Start Using Electric Scooters

Electric scooters aren’t just a popular children’s toy. They’ve been inching their way into mainstream adult use that I’m sure you have seen and heard about people enjoying this reliable means of transportation.

Not every teenager or adult is comfortable with the thought of riding scooters. They look flimsy and offer no support and protection whatsoever. Plus, most people think they look lame.

adults and teens should ride and electric scooter

Travel the eco-friendly way. It's not lame.

Yes, let’s get that reality out of the way rather than ignoring these issues exist. But don’t let doubt and disbelief drive you into thinking that these products aren’t worth the time of day because, contrary to ignorant belief, scooters can be reliable and convenient means of transportation to those who are open-minded enough to give them a shot.

So I’m presenting you with six reasons why adult and teenager scooters are worth the consideration. After assessing each, we’re going to align each product’s pros and cons alongside a number of factors that could guide you to selecting the perfect make and model for you.

Best Adult and Teenager Scooter Reviews

Let’s take a look at these seven contenders for the title of the best adult scooter at the same time as getting know the different features that are available on the most raved brands available.

1. Maxtra E120 Motorized Electric Scooter

For less than $140, the Maxtra E120 Motorized Scooter promises safe and efficient performance.

It comes with CE/ASTM/ETL/ROHS certifications and is installed with a twist-grip throttle that can go to maximum speed ratings of 12-14mph. Its adjustable handlebar makes it easy to use for ages 6-14 years due to its mid-sized deck and frame.

While you can’t exactly call this scooter fit for adults, it can bear the weight of teenagers within the weight limit of 177 lbs.

It is also very easy to store and transport given its one-second folding button system which works like a breeze. You also get a replaceable and rechargeable 24V battery that can last up to an hour and needs around 6-8 hours of charge time. 7-9 mi.


  • Runs for 7-9 miles
  • Can go uphill
  • Comes with slip-resistant deck platforms


  • Quick release clamp breaks off

2. Swagtron High Speed Adult Electric Scooter

If you have around $300 to burn through, you can get the Swagtron High Speed Adult Electric Scooter in three colors: black, pink and white.

The Swagtron is made of very lightweight carbon fiber in an easy to fold and carry design. You can transport and store this scooter with a few clicks thanks to its efficient folding mechanism. 

It comes with a UL 2272 certifications and is installed with various redundant safety mechanisms which we know there can’t be enough of.

Its control panel allows you to see how much battery life you still have and at what speed you’re running. Coming with a 250-watt motor allows the scooter to run at a maximum speed of 15 mph that could reach up to 15 miles.

And this one is guaranteed adult capable with a weight requirement of 250 lbs. and below. Given that it is 100% electric, you don’t have to worry about harmful carbon emissions as this scooter produces zilch.


  • Comes with a Smart Battery Management System
  • Needs only 1.5 hours to fully charge


  • Pricier than other similar models

3. Enjoybot H3 Electric Scooter

To get the Enjoybot H3 Electric Scooter, only need to shell out more or less $300. It comes with a 250 watt powerful yet noiseless motor that can run for a maximum of 8 miles on a single charge and can even climb slopes as steep as 20 degrees.

It weighs 15 lbs. and folds in a second for that convenient storage or transport even by hand. And because it wants to keep you in the know, a smart display panel shows you every important information you need such as how much battery is left and at what speed you’re traveling.

It can run at a maximum speed of 16 mph and take anyone up to 220 lbs. around 8 miles from your destination.


  • Designed with carbon fiber
  • Wear-proof and explosion-proof


  • Lock mechanism is too sensitive

4. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

For as little as just over a hundred bucks, you get to choose between the green and pink variants of the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter.

The E90 was created with New Power Core Technology that enables twice the increase in the usual ride time and gives 50% higher power capacity compared to its predecessor, the Razor E90. W

With this scooter, you don’t need any technical skills to maintain the alignment or chain tensioner because it doesn’t come with all these. 

You only need to kick to get it started and it can speed up to 10 mph for a continued use of 80 minutes.

Not ideally for adult use, the E90 can only support a maximum of 120 lbs. and is recommended for users of at least 8 years old. Regardless of this limitation, it comes with other multiple benefits such as a retractable kickstand, a urethane front wheel, a high-torque hub motor, and push-button throttle. All these work together to give you a safe and smooth ride.


  • Designed with an all-steel frame
  • Comes with multiple redundant safety features
  • Installed with a manual fender brake


  • Not the best product for users over 5 ft.

5. Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Costing less than $100, you get to pick among the four colors that Razor E100 comes in: red, blue, pink, and sweet pea.

Its attractiveness can only be bested by its best features: twist grip acceleration control, 8-inch pneumatic front tires, and a hand-operated front brake.

The E100 may have a high torque and chain-driven motor, but it runs much more quietly compared to other brands with the same features.

It is powered by two 12V rechargeable batteries that allow it to speed up to 10 mph for a continued use of 40 minutes depending on riding or climate conditions. The accompanying charger is UL-approved and gives a full charge in 12 hours, regardless of whether the charging light turns green.


  • Front tire withstands bumps and rocks
  • Comes with a wide standing surface
  • Motor kicks in after reaching 3 mph


  • Long charging time

6. Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Add more or less 50 bucks on top what you’ll pay for the E100 and you get Razor’s E200 Electric Scooter. 

Add a few more dollars to that and you can get the scooter with accompanying pads and a helmet. 

Like the E100, the E200 comes with a twist-grip throttle, a chain-driven motor, and high torque. Both come with the same battery and charging specifications as well.

But unlike their similar run times, the E200 has a maximum speed of 12 mph which makes it faster than the E100. They also differ in terms of weight capacity and recommended age of use with this scooter being an ideal option for 13 years and older users weighing no more than 150 lbs.


  • Motor powers up on standstill
  • Comes with a rear brake
  • Assembly tools included


  • Chain keeps coming off
  • Too long charging time

7. Razor E300 Electric Scooter

If you’re too grown up for the E100 and the E200, here comes their big brother: the Razor E300 in the color gray for around $200. While the E300 shares similarities with the previous models including high torque, twist grip acceleration control and a chain driven motor, it comes with a supersized deck and frame that supports up to 200 lbs.

And though it can run the same 40 minutes as the first two products, this version has a maximum speed of 15 mph, getting you to your destination faster and with a less amount of time.

And that’s not all that’s changed. This product comes with 10-inch extra wide inflatable tires that support heavier users while maintaining that safe and smooth ride. If you’re looking for the best adult scooter among the Razor line, then you’ve found it here.


  • Easily goes uphill and downhill
  • Aesthetically designed for older users
  • Performs well on uneven and wet roads


  • Battery drains faster than expected

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Adult Scooter

Well, you are almost ready to purchase an electric scooter. Right? But not sure, actually which one is perfect for your use. No worry! We are here to help you to choose the right electric scooter. How?

Here are few more metrics, that you should know before purchase your scooter. So you can learn more about electric scooter and you can buy the best electric scooter for yourself. So let's go we check, which metrics are included here.

Weight Limit

There is a big difference when it comes to looking for the best adult scooter and looking for a scooter suitable for children. The number one factor you should look up would be any weight restrictions.

Remember, for teenagers, the higher the weight limit, the better. You can avoid the mistake of buying a scooter with a weight limit of only 50 lbs. by knowing what the intended user’s weight is and whether it falls below or above the capacity of the scooter you’re eyeing.

Materials Used for Construction

I always believed in the saying that quality trumps quantity. Don’t settle for the first scooter that falls under your budget yet compromises much in terms of safety and durability. I find that doing a cross-reference on all brands and scooter manufacturers help me assess which ones are offering the best deals on the market.

Electric Scooters

Going electric means less work for the rider in terms of kicking and more attention to steering. Not only are electric scooters energy efficient on the part of the rider, but they don’t contribute carbon emissions as well. And while cars are convenient for a number of reasons, if there’s just one of you making way to a destination that’s conducive for electric scooters to drive on, then what’s stopping you?

Yes, it may cost you a lot, but considering its features and not to mention its good looks, then this scooter can easily go from park to school to office with very minimal hiccups.

It has a high weight capacity and has the fastest speed compared to the other six products on this list. And though some units don’t reach the maximum advertised speed, whether it fast under 1 to 2 mph is still quite fast for scooters.

A sensitive lock mechanism could only mean that this product was designed with safety in mind so one of the H3’s cons could actually serve as an advantage if you think about it. And compared to Swagtron High Speed Adult Electric Scooter disadvantages that could spell life and death, I’d rather spend my dollars on Enjoybot’s safer equivalent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What is the best scooter for adults?
Answer: Within this list, Enjoybot H3 can give you the best service and comfortable handling. We think this item is the best scooter for adults.

Question: Which stunt scooters are the best?
Answer: You may find so many stunt scooters but all of them are not best? Swagtron High Speed and Enjoybot H3 are the examples of best stunt scooters.

Question: Where are people allowed to ride and park e-scooters?
Answer: Usually, motorized scooters are driven on the street and need to stay right side. If your scooter speed is more than 25 mph then you can ride it in the bike lane. But you are not allowed on the pavement.
You can park your scooters on building entrances, yellow zone, curb ramps, sidewalk. Park in a place as it does not block the driveways.

Question: What material is used to made wheel for adult and teenage electric scooter?
Answer: Most of the scooter’s wheels is being constructed by either metal cores or plastic cores with urethane treads. It is best when wheels are made with metal cores.

Question: What are the best electric scooter wheels for carrying adult or teenager ?
Answer: You can replace a wheel anytime. If you think, you can’t get the best service from your scooter’s wheel, replace it with the best wheel such as Rapids-River Pro Scooter Wheel, River Glide Wheel, Downside Conspiracy V2 wheel, Kutrick Oil Wheels.

Question: Is an electric scooter right for me?
Answer: Or the first I want to remind you electric scooters are not only for kids. If you need to travel a short distance regularly then an electric scooter is definitely right for you.

Question: Do electrical scooter work in the rain?
Answer: Why not? I run properly in rain but does riding a scooter in rain is safe for you? Occasionally it can be a great way of pleasure but never ride in standing water or heavy rain.

Question: What is grip tape cleaner made of?
Answer: You can use water or window cleaner for this purpose. To clean grip tape just spray the window cleaner to the dirt area and scrub with the brush.

Question: What does grip gum do?
Answer: The best way to clean the grip is cleaning with grip gum. It takes dirt and dust off from the grip tape. Frequently uses grip gum to prevent build-up dirt. But remember, grip gum never clean old and tight debris and mud.

Question: I see scooters parked on the sidewalk, is that legal?
Answer: Parking the scooter on the sidewalk is not directly contrary to law. But you should realize, does your scooter block the pavement? You should park the scooter in a place as it never creates any disturbance.


The reason why money isn’t listed as a factor is that you can’t put a price on safety, especially when you trust a lightweight vehicle to bring your teenager to school or when you’re the one using it yourself. This is why I am awarding the best electric scooter for teenagers and the best adult scooter overall to the Enjoybot H3.

What I’ve learned in assessing these scooters is that it all boils down to the ability of the scooter to maintain the safety and security of the rider. The categorization of whether a scooter is for a child or a teenager is also important, but a scooter’s durability should be the number one priority that a customer should look for before saying yes to a particular brand of scooter.

Teenagers are closer to what size and weight they’ll take as adults, so choosing a scooter that can withstand this transition makes it worth the money. After all, every person spends with the desire for their purchase to serve them for a long time and I’m sure you’re thinking the same. When you choose that perfect scooter, how much it costs won’t be as much of a factor as how efficiently it serves you. Here’s hoping that we take care of our scooters as much as it was made with our safety and convenience in mind.

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