Best Electric Scooter for Commuting Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

What's your opinion on conventional transports(or cars, shall we say) for everyday commuting?

Don't you think that they're way too hefty and time consuming when it comes to travel in person? What they takes us in return of a little comfort and speed, isn't worth it at all. 

Well, for the moment, we've a wealth of electric scooters, which are free of carbon emissions and a great time saver at the same time. And knowing all these facts, you're here to get one for you, we know.

To find you the best electric scooters for commuting, we'd conducted a thorough research with 43 models of scooters, and ended up with 10 best picks. What we've convoluted are- Motor power, Battery life, Mileage, Maximum speed, Structure and lastly, the price-quality ratio.

Finally, here are the 10 best electric scooters for commuting, and your favorite one lies within this list. 

Without making the intro any longer, let's get going-

Best Electric Scooter for Commuting 2018


Glion Dolly

15mph225mins180 lbs.


12.5mph60mins165 lbs.

Megawheels S1

14mph80mins150 lbs.

Xiaomi Mi

15.5mph100mins220 lbs.

Razor E300

15mph40mins220 lbs.

UberScoot 1000w

26mph40mins265 lbs.


15mph60mins250 lbs.

Super 36v Turbo

27mph40mins250 lbs.

Top Electric Scooter for Commuting Reviews

Here are some top and perfect electric scooter for commuting we have selected and our experts wrote reviews on these products. To select a best and perfect electric scooter, you should read these reviews. So you can make your decision final, that which one is perfect for you.

best electric scooter

1. Glion Dolly Electric Scooter - Best Bang for Bucks

The Glion Dolly Electric Scooter runs on premium lithium ion battery of 6.6 ah and 36 volts. In only 3 hours you can fully charge this scooter for riding. And the long life battery will help you to use this scooter for riding at least 15 miles before you have to charge again.

The motor used in this scooter is noiseless. Not only is it noiseless but also it is brushless, chainless and gearless that can reach up to a maximum power of 600 watts. This DC hub motor is quite powerful for your scooter. Moreover, the chainless feature allows the overall weight of the scooter to be lighter.

To talk about the tires, Glion have used military tech to make the tires strong and long-lasting. The tires are airless and made of strong rubber. You don't have to pump the tire every now and then to ride this scooter. And there is no risk of flat tire either.

A vertical self-standing feature is added to this scooter so that you can park it easily anywhere you want. And if you want, you can also fold this scooter and the supporting wheels will then work like a trolley bag to help you carry this scooter around. Just like a roller bag suitcase, you can carry it easily wherever you want.

Lastly, the rear hub motor of this scooter has a free brake which is electronic anti-lock maintenance. This is a high-quality braking system that will help you to instantly and smoothly stop the scooter whenever necessary.


  • Foldable and Portable.
  • Airless and strong rubber tires.
  • The battery is rechargeable.
  • Safety lights included in the front.


  • Grip throttle is twisted.

2. GOTRAX GXL - Best Electric Scooter for Teenagers 

Unlike our previous scooter, the GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter has a set of pneumatic tires of 8.5 inches diameter. This tire requires air to be filled in the tube. But this is a very strong tire that you can use for the treacherous city streets, and the tires will feel really smooth while riding. 

This scooter is a very powerful ride with the 250-watt motor. The motor holds the record of going 15.5 miles per hour and with about 220 pounds of load. Carrying such a high load is not a child's play. This proves how strong and durable the build quality of this scooter is.

In this scooter, you will get a 36 volts battery to run the motor. This battery is rechargeable and takes only 4 hours to completely recharge itself. And with a fully charged battery, you can go up to 12.5 miles.

Unlike most other scooters, this scooter has 2 speed settings for your comfort. If you are among those who like to ride safe and slow then you can keep the speed to 10 mph. And if you are in a hurry for some reason, or simply just for fun, you can change the speed to 15 mph and ride faster by changing the gear.

And last but not least, the design of this scooter will help you to easily store it is a small space. You can quickly fold it with a fast folding switch to store in narrow spaces easily. And for people on the go, it provides a holding frame which is lever activated.


  • Tires are very strong.
  • Dual braking system available.
  • Has a speedometer.
  • Display for battery life is included.


  • Weighs heavier than other scooters.
  • The LED headlight is not much bright.

3. Megawheels S1 - Best for Low Budget

For a fast and efficient riding experience, the Megawheels Electric Scooter is quite reliable. With a 250 watt motor and a 4000 Mah battery, this scooter can go for 8 miles without any hesitations. The speed you will gain with this scooter is about 14 mph.

With only 18 pounds of weight, this scooter is the lightest one in our list. Of course, this is a portable scooter, but an easy fold-and-carry design makes the portability a lot more effective for you. Within a few seconds, you can quickly fold it down to a convenient size and store it in narrow spaces if you want. 

This scooter was build using a solid frame of aluminium alloy. This material is very durable and at the same time quite lightweight. Moreover, there is a double braking system included in this scooter. With such a strong body and good brake system, you don't have to worry about safety while riding. Being made of light and sturdy material, this is one of the best lightweight electric scooter of the market. 

With the strong and durable body, this scooter can carry up to 150 pounds of loads without any problem. But if you put more weight than this, there might be a risk of breaking the frame or accidents. So we recommend you to stay below 150 pounds. 

Finally, as this is an electric scooter, this will not harm the environment by producing any harmful chemical. So, as a nature lover who doesn’t want to affect the environment, this is the right scooter for you.


  • Folding mechanism is very easy.
  • Lightweight but viable.
  • Acceleration throttle is press type.
  • The battery is rechargeable with fast charging.


  • Incorrect battery life display.

4. UberScoot 1000w - Best electric scooter for adults

A surprising feat along the other electric scooters in the market, the UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is another proof that on a very steep priceline, performance is on a very high percentage based on acceptable standards.

Priced under USD 600, the UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is equipped with some of the greatest state-of-the-art build and design.

The metal payload of the scooter itself is very sturdy that it can support up to 120 kilograms of payload, an undeniable feat for heavy-duty scooters.

You can actually choose from three variety of tires for the scooter, whether you like for asphalt roads or for even extreme terrains. The tires are solid in its state, while being padded by heavy-duty disc brakes to ensure immediate brake response. Also, the electric scooter tires are really efficient in the aspect of ensuring fast travel, as it is equipped with a chain motor to increase torque of the tires.

In terms of battery, the scooter is powered by three 36-volt system batteries, which have an average cycle of 250 cycles. Hence, performance-wise, the electric scooter battery life is really appropriate on enduring long travels, with a maximum distance of 10 miles. Charging time is about 4-8 hours, a good indication of power efficiency.

Another cool thing about this scooter is the inclusion of a removable seat. Hence, the scooter can be used for a single person who wishes to seat while operating the scooter, or you can remove the seat to allow a friend of yours to hitch a ride with you.

The UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter is just one of those unique scooters where it is a Jack-of-all-trades in any terrain. You’ll be extremely delightful should you purchase one of them.


  • Long battery life (250 cycles)
  • Removable padded seat stand


  • Long battery charging for full use

5. Xiaomi M365 - Best Folding electric Scooters

If you’re the type of person who seeks for an electric scooter on the seemingly high price average but also expects a really efficient e-scooter, then the Mi Electric Scooter is the perfect scooter for the determined user!

Priced under the budget of USD 500, you’ll be very damn sure about purchasing the Mi Electric Scooter, as it is equipped with numerous features and parts that surely add up to the efficiency and performance factor of the scooter.

Equipped with a 250W motor, the Xiaomi Scooter M365 is capable of reaching speeds for up to 25 km/hr.

Such statistics tells us that this is a cool start for beginners who wanted to experience the thrill of zipping past into the streets using a scooter. Also, with the inclusion of a disc brake and a eABS regenerative anti-lock braking system, the aforementioned features cements the fact that the Mi Electric Scooter is very responsive to sudden brake inputs.

Add to the fact is that it is equipped with 30 pieces of 18650 lithium battery units, prolonging usage time of the scooter (30 km of distance covered).it makes it one of the best electric scooter with lithium battery. The charging time is expected to be around 4-5 hours, so it wouldn’t be a pain for you that in a short span of time, your scooter is good on the go.

In terms of portability, it is a foldable e-scooter, so you can take it anywhere you please, although the hefty weight of the scooter (estimated at around 26.9 lbs) makes it very inconvenient for hand carry for long walks.

Another cool thing about the Mi Electric Scooter is that it can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth Technology and turns it into an instant dashboard, where you can actually check battery status, average speed, firmware updates and even supports an anti-theft feature by remotely locking the e-scooter using your smartphone.

In the end, although Mi Electric Scooter might be a pain in the wallet, it is surely a great buy for all e-scooter enthusiasts out there, who can’t wait to explore the excellent performance of the Mi Electric Scooter.


  • Minimalistic design and lightweight
  • Quality lithium batteries from LG to ensure longer usage
  • Bluetooth technology-supported


  • Steep price line
  • Hefty scooter weight (26.9 lbs.)

6. SWAGTRON Swagger - Best Lightweight Electric Scooter

Got a tiny space with nearly no storage for a bike? Get one of these instead!

The Swagtron Swagger electric scooter is the best electric scooter for those looking for something that does not take up too much space.

It’s got a folding system that can save so much room and make it easier for you to carry it around. It’s also under 24 lbs folded, so you don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat.

What I also love about this electric scooter is the control panel which allows you to check your speed and battery life. It also has a 250-watt motor that can take it to a max speed of 15 miles per hour!

If that seems a little too high-speed for you, not to worry - this e-scooter has been well-tested for safety. It is fully UL 2272-certified, which means it’s totally safe and has undergone multiple tests to assure quality on the road. It also abides by most city laws regarding a small vehicle, so you can be sure you’re in the clear.

For under $300, it’s a pretty nifty electric scooter! It’s also eco-friendly, which I find totally great. It produces zero waste and emission, so you can be sure that you’re leaving less of a carbon footprint as you get and move around.

It’s a good buy for when you are conscious about the environment, but still want to get around quickly. And of course, one of the best buy electric scooter for money.


  • For a light electric scooter, it’s really fast
  • Its foldable body provides convenient storage
  • Has an Integrated Battery Management System


  • Not suitable for dirt roads or wet paths

However, You can fully explore our product reviews on  best electric scooter for adults an the address-

7. Super 36v Turbo Elite E - Best Electric Scooter for Commuting

If getting around city traffic is more your speed (don’t mind the pun), then this electric scooter is for you. It’s probably the cool electric scooter for city slickers who don’t mind going faster than all others.

It’s got a patented Super Turbo 1000-watt 36v 3000 rpm Brushed Motor, making cruising through traffic way easier. It honestly saved one of my friends 30 more minutes of sleep instead of waking up earlier to beat the morning rush! The motor is also quiet, so you can expect no noise from this electric scooter.

Its max rider weight reaches up to 300 pounds on flat ground, so you don’t have to worry if you’re on the more hefty side! The way it’s built distributes the rider’s weight evenly and without wobbling. You won’t have to worry about falling off while cruising through the streets.

But when it comes to riding uphill, you might have to reduce that weight to about 50% as the motor can only handle so much. It might not be able to withstand uphill slopes as efficiently. So, you better check your paths before going out if you are to bring lots of things with you. It is still a scooter, after all.

At more or less $500, it’s one of the pricier types of electric scooters in the market. But with its many accessories available, it’s pretty worth it getting one of your own. It’s a pretty high-tech electric scooter, and the quality is really good. It does not feel like money going to waste when you buy this.


  • Easily customizable with many accessories in the market
  • It’s very easy to assemble


  • Front brake vibrates a bit upon activation
  • Pricier than the other brands

8. Razor Power Core E90 - Best Electric Scooter for Teenager

If you’re looking for a tried and tested brand, then this would be the perfect electric scooter for you.

The Razor power core E90 electric scooter has a new and improved Power Core which increases the ride time to twice as long, and has an added 50% of power.

This is great if you’re into fuss-free vehicles, because this e-scooter features no chain, no alignment, and no chain tensioner!

Your kids are free to use this without even worrying too much since it has a limiter to its speed, keeping its max speed up to 10 mph only.

It can run up to 80 minutes on a single charge, which is handy because you can leave it to charge overnight and be ready to go in the morning. This electric scooter also has a kick start and a retractable kickstand, which I think is very cool. The high-torque hub motor also allows it to go pretty fast without any bumps.

For around $100, the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter is a pretty good bargain. Considering all the features and durability, it is quite a great deal. This is also suitable if you have kids who also want to try their hand at the scooter life. It’s one of the good electric scooter for teenager to introduce them to riding around. Plus, it will also be a fun family activity when all of you ride around together!


  • Very durable
  • Easy to charge, and has a long battery life
  • Great quality for an affordable price


  • Only supports lighter riders
  • Only goes at low speeds

9. Razor E300 24 Volt - Best Electric Scooter for Kids

Ah, Razor. Ever reliable and always rolling out great scooters. The Razor E300s Electric Scooter is, quite interestingly, not just for kids! Its supersized deck and frame is just right for teens and even adults to use, and the extra-wide, 10-inch pneumatic tires handle a smooth ride even with added weight.

The whisper-quiet motor is also one thing I adore about this electric scooter, because there’s none of that noisy, revved-up nonsense that just hurts my ears.

This e-scooter can also deliver a speed of up to 15 mph, due to its high-quality chain-driven motor. It also has a twist-grip throttle that makes acceleration much easier.

At under $300, the Razor E300 Electric 24 Volt Rechargeable Motorized Ride On Kids Scooter is probably the ideal electric scooter to get if you live in a suburban area with flat lanes and no hills. Moreover, it comes in two colors: red and blue - if you are a bit up for personalization. For an electric scooter, it looks pretty rad-- no shame in scooting around here! 

However, kids scooters are not toy. It can boost up confidence of your child and can help them to grow better physically and mentally. So, have this best electric scooter for kids for your beloved child to boost them up.


  • The build is very sturdy
  • Handlebars are foldable, which is very convenient
  • Easy to repair and switch tires


  • Run time is only 40 minutes
  • The lead batteries make charging time so much longer
  • Can’t go up hills

10. Razor E200 - Best Cheap Electric Scooter

Razor really pulled out all the stops with this one. The Razor E200 Electric Scooter has a full-sized deck and frame which supports the weight of even a full-grown adult!

The all-steel frame and fork makes it way sturdier than the other brands, which is good if you like to rough around and wipe out on the first try, like I did.

This electric scooter also has a hand-operated rear brake that’s good for when you feel like you’re going a bit too fast with it, as well.

The high-torque, chain-driven motor found in most Razor scooters gives this a speed of up to 12 miles per hour. The pneumatic tires give this baby a smooth cruise, so you won’t have to worry about tiring yourself out giving it a kick start every so often. It’s got a road life of 40 minutes to an hour on a single 12-hour charge. The twist grip acceleration control also helps with controlling how fast you would like to go, so you won’t have to worry!

For a price under $200, the Razor E200 Electric Scooter is the best electric scooter for when you’re looking for a best cheap electric scooter without the risk of going too fast. This is also the one that you may want to consider when you are looking for a scooter that is in good quality at a very affordable cost. It’s durable and totally worth the purchase. I know a bunch of people who had fun with it, and I bet you will, too!


  • Comes at a very low price
  • Lasts 40 minutes to an hour on a single charge
  • Very durable


  • Doesn’t run well on grass

11. Enjoybot Electric Scooter - Best for Battery Life

Zoom around the city on this sleek electric scooter!

The Enjoybot is a foldable electric scooter with Carbon Fiber body perfect for recreational cruising or commuting to work and school.

With a weight of about 15 pounds folded, it can fit into any trunk or hatchback, or even be carried around by hand. I find this very handy because there are times that we really need to commute because we can’t bring our car, or when we just want to bask in good weather.

With this, you can just fold it up and go. It’s honestly one of the most convenient things ever!

It also has a nifty electronic display panel that shows you just how much battery you have left, and how fast you’re going. It also shows your running time and just how far you’ve already gone on it! This electric scooter also holds more power, thanks to its 250-watt motor. It can go over slopes that are as steep as 20 degrees. Say goodbye to having to kickstart yourself over a small hill!

At around $300, the Enjoybot Electric Scooter is a quiet, efficient way to get around. It’s the best electric scooter to purchase if you prefer quiet transport without the hassle of having to save up on gas. It comes in two sophisticated hues: solid black, and cool white.


  • Has a 1-year warranty
  • The body is foldable and lightweight
  • Looks sleek and fuss-free


  • Max speed is only 8 to 12 mph
  • Scooter does not have suspension

12. Razor E100 - Best Electric Scooter for Beginners

If you’re new to the e-scooter life, this will be the unbeaten electric scooter for you. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is the perfect unit to get you started. 

It may seem a little old school due to it still having a chain-driven engine, but don’t let that deter you from taking a ride!

The motor has two 12V sealed lead acid batteries that are rechargeable and provide a good cruise. It’s also powerful enough to conquer uphill slopes.

If you’re more worried about the downhill part, this e-scooter has a reliable twist-grip acceleration control so you don’t go off the rails and wipe out even at high speeds. It also has a tested hand-operated front and rear brake to avoid electric scooter accidents.

It’s got 40 minutes of run time, and the motor is also super quiet so you won’t have to feel conscious about scooting around. The 8-inch pneumatic front tire can withstand bumps and slight gravel, and personally, I love that it doesn’t have to be lifted over some rocks in the road. With this scooter, you can just go right on.

One more thing I love about this electric scooter is that the battery is long-lasting. It doesn’t break down after a year’s use, and it does not overheat. For under $100, you can choose from four different colors: red, blue, pink, and sweet pea, which is a more subdued pink, if you ask me. It’s a good buy that certainly won’t hurt your wallet!


  • The battery can last up to one whole hour on a full charge
  • The stand is pretty wide, so it can accommodate both feet
  • Assembly only requires minimal effort
  • Good performance for a low price!


  • The brake is insufficient, so you’ll have to steer out to avoid bumping into anything
  • The solid rear tire slips on wet road
  • Max speed is only at 10 mph

13. Razor EcoSmart - Best Electric Scooter With Seat

If you think luxurious styling of an electric scooter is not for you, then perhaps consider the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter as a the next cool urban scooter, an almost mirror image of a typical bicycle, except it has its speed on it.

Surprisingly, at a price line of under USD 400, the Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter, you can get more reasonable features on the scooter itself, as it is powered by a 500-watt high torque motor so you can assure a great urban getaway.

Also, it is juiced up by a 7 AH battery that takes up about charges up to twelve hours.

However, that charge time is unfortunately can be consumed up for a maximum time of 60 minutes, so it’s not that really good for long endurance travels.

Setting aside performance, the overall design of the scooter itself is really pleasing, as it has a padded bicycle seat, a built-in laminated bamboo deck and even has a luggage rock. It turns this scooter into one of our best electric scooter with seat. Of course, you have to know obviously the weight limit, as the scooter itself only supports 220 pounds of rider weight, so the basket is just perfect for lightweight stuff like small books and some fruits.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter is great when it comes to safety speed limits, since it has an average maximum speed of 18-20 mph, a pretty reasonable range for you to traverse the city streets. Just remember that the scooter itself doesn’t actually support the basic safety feature of using a key to turn it on, thus it is highly advisable to keep an eye from thieves.

The Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter may lack some of the basic features a common scooter has, but aesthetically-speaking the e-scooter itself is among those who have cool general build with pretty standard specifications.


  • Great on aesthetic aspect
  • Maximum speed within acceptable common speed limits
  • Luggage basket for light cargo


  • Lacks key-lock feature; vulnerable to thieves

14. Razor RX200 - Best Off-Road Electric Scooter

If you’re a fan of hard-on-the-road electric scooters, then consider purchasing the Razor RX200 Electric All Terrain Scooter, which I actually dub as an ultimate bad boy of the electric scooter market, yet it is regarded as one of the must-buys, the price along the price line below USD 200.

The general build of the electric scooter itself is build on full alloy, so it is a great buy for those who wish to go hitch on a ride on extreme terrains. Its heavy duty tires are guaranteed for the off-road travel, hence you can go zip along wet grasses, or get dirty by zipping on hilly and rocky terrains.

In terms of performance, the scooter offers a trusted hand brake system that slows down the rear tires. Unlike other scooters that require pressing a seemingly lever above the rear tire using your feet, the Razor RX200 offers a good bite on the rear brake system, so you don’t have to worry about in case someone might be ahead, like unwary pedestrians or large obstacles. Also, the scooter can support 154 pounds of payload, so it’s a great giveaway for kids who wants to have that one friend hitch a ride with him. The scooter also has a great chain-driven motor, so it’s more like you’re having a miniature version of a bicycle, that is just more powerful in terms of performance.

The scooter includes two non-standard lead acid batteries, which takes about at least 12 hours to get a full charge of electric juice. It might kill that patience in you, but trust me: that full charge is enough to boost that bad boy once again on extreme terrain. However, a full use on the scooter is only maximized at about 40 minutes of usage on battery, so it’s more like cutting of the fun.

In the end, although it has a short battery life after maximum usage, it is still undeniable to state the fact the this best off road electric scooter is the perfect extreme scooter for the ones who wanted to have a taste of dirt while driving along various terrains.


  • Tires built for extreme terrain
  • Alloy structure; adding extra durability to the scooter
  • High-torque chain-driven engine designed to increase speed power
  • check-circle
    Budget-friendly price


  • Short battery life
  • Long time needed for charging
  • Bulky; not suitable as a portable

Top Electric Scooter Brands In The Market

The field of electric scooters is awash with several players and manufacturers. They are many and diverse. They also specialize in different kinds of these scooters. We are going to highlight and briefly discuss the top of these brands that are on the market as of the year 2018. We hope this will give you the right guidance to get started well.

Gigabyke Groove

This is by far the most advanced, the most powerful, and the most comfortable of all the scooters on the market today. With this scooter, you will travel farther, faster, and enjoy yourself to the maximum extent possible. It is based in City of Industry, California and has a nationwide presence.


Razor is a brand of compact folding scooters that is developed by Micro Mobility Systems. It is however manufactured by JD Corporation. Razor had been producing number of budget-friendly but high-end scooter series and Razor E-series is one of them. It is very easy to engage though and does not require too much expertise to comprehend.

Uber Scoot

Uber Scoot is a high-performance scooter. This simply means that it is able to hit high speeds and negotiate complex maneuvers. It is loaded with tons of technologically advanced features. This is thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing and design techniques that are used to make it.


Unlike most other scooter brands, this one is extremely light in weight, very safe, and convenient to engage. It is on-the-whole designed for daily commuting. With a little bit of commuting training you can get the most out of Coolpeds Scooters.  It is manufactured almost entirely using the strong lightweight aircraft-grade Aluminum material. This is light yet tough enough for regular travels.

Owing to the competitive nature of the manufacture of these products, newer brands do get into or out of the market every quite often. We, therefore, advise you to carry out some research every quite often to familiarize yourself with the latest brands available. In the meantime, give these brands a topmost priority while searching for the right electric scooter.

How To Take Care Of Your Electric Scooter

To be able to derive electric scooter's benefit uninterrupted, you, by all means, have to maintain them in the right shape and form at all times. You can only achieve this by implementing some maintenance tips and strategies such as the ones we are going to discuss here under.

Regular Inspections

Do not wait till an issue arises before acting. Adopt a proactive approach while handling your scooter. Take it to a mechanic and let him inspect it every quite often. This way, you will be able to detect any looming dangers beforehand and develop a counteractive measure. This way, you will also avoid unnecessary problems from arising later.

Frequent Repairs and Maintenance

Other than inspection, you should also put in place an effective and reliable repair and maintenance regime. This means that you ought to take your scooter to a mechanic to have the various parts that are prone to breakdowns repaired and maintained. You should do this even if there are no serious problems with the scooter.

Frequent Lubrication

The chain, the sprocket, and the hub are prone to deterioration due to frictional force. You should, therefore, see to it that those parts are lubricated well and regularly for that matter. This will also spare you from sustaining accidents unnecessarily and the accompanying dangers.

Maintain the Right Tension on your Drive Chain

The chains are the mechanisms by which the motion power is transmitted from the motor to the wheels. They have to possess the right tension always. They ought not to sag as this may impede their efficiency. You should thus ensure that they are tight and tense at all times.

Charge the Batteries Timely and Regularly

The batteries are the lifeline of the electric scooter. This is because they are the ones that provide the motion power that eventually run the scooter. You should, therefore, charge them to the fullest capacity with proper charging method when to charge electric scooter. This is to guarantee their reliability and to prevent unnecessary inconveniences in times of use.

Inflate the Tires Properly

Just like the batteries, the tires also need extra care and attention. They too are just as indispensable as the batteries. Inflate them properly. From time to time, check them for any puncture which may have to be sealed. Seal the punctures to prevent the air from escaping into the atmosphere.

N B: Please note that you may not have the skill necessary to carry out some of the maintenance strategies outlined above. This is why you have to bring in an expert to help you out. It pays though to learn and master as many of the maintenance strategies as possible. This will help you to deal with emergency situations well.

Factors To Consider Before Buying An Electric Scooter

The Scooter’s Weight Capacity

Despite being a super convenient way to get around, scooters are not for everyone and have a certain weight limit. Some electric scooters can handle only a child’s weight, and some can handle a fully grown man’s.

kid scooter

Electric scooters have weight limits too.

Before hitting the store, it would be best to do some research to see which electric scooter is the best fit electric scooter for your height and weight. And before making the final purchase, don’t be afraid to ask the salesperson about just how much the e-scooter can handle.

Special Features

Does it have a speed limiter, for kids? Does it have a special panel to see the battery life? Does it have specialized wheels, or a different kind of battery? Does it fold up to save space?

These things are the types of special features that come with the electric scooter that we need to be mindful of as well. Special features are great, but they also cost more. Find out what kind of features you want and need before making the final buy.


Despite it looking like a lightweight vehicle, an electric scooter has to be able to withstand some wear and tear. It will be on the road after all, so it should be durable.

adult scooter

Scooters must be able to withstand wear and tear from constant use.

Ask the salesperson if the electric scooter is strong enough, and feel free to give them a bit of information as to what your commute is like, so they gain an idea on which one would be the optimum electric scooter for you and your lifestyle. If you plan to shop online, try to look up it's specs first.

You are what you ride, so make sure your electric scooter’s capacity matches up to how much you will use it.

Your Own Lifestyle

Before choosing an electric scooter for yourself, consider first how and where you live. Are you more of a jet-setting person who likes to move around quickly? Or have you settled down with a brood of your own kids? What about your storage space?

going to work on a scooter

What do you plan to do with your scooter? Work? Play?

Take a step back and assess your home and commute to see which one would be the perfect fit for you.

Like getting around quickly? Get an e-scooter that has a higher max speed with a foldable feature. Do you have kids who would like to try out the scooter life? Get one with lower speed and a tried and tested brake system. The possibilities are endless!


Do you prefer a light cruise on your scooter, enjoying the breeze and seeing the sights? Or are you a speed demon who lives to go fast?

ride your electric scooter

How fast do you want to go?

The best electric scooter for you will also depend on how fast you want it to go, so choose wisely. There are some brands that have a certain speed limit on their e-scooters, so it’s best to check with the salesperson, or do some research before hitting the store beforehand. 

A low max-speed on an electric scooter can be a deal breaker for some, so make sure to buy the kind with a speed that’s more to your liking and needs.

Electric Scooter Safety - Some Things That You Must Follow

Electric scooters are great means of transportation. However, they are not without their fair share of downsides. They are potentially injurious and must hence be handled with great care. The following are some of the safety tips you must adhere to in order to realize this

Read and adhere to the manufacturer’s manual

Read the manufacturer’s manual inside out. The manual contains the pieces of instructions that govern each aspect of the scooter. Proceed to adhere strictly to those instructions. This will prevent you from getting into trouble.

Put on the right safety gears always

Accidents will still take place even if you take all the necessary precautions. However, you can minimize the effects of those accidents. Put on the right safety attire such as helmets, knee braces, and jackets. Electric scooter helmet is most efficient to reduce the impact. These will minimize impacts and injuries to the said areas of the body.

Learn to ride the scooter thoroughly

One of the major causes of accidents is poor riding skills. Most people tend to ride the scooters without necessarily possessing the appropriate expertise and skills. To prevent this from happening, see to it that you sharpen your riding skills before hitting the road.

Familiarize yourself with and abide by all the traffic rules

Observance of the prevailing traffic rules can also minimize accidents. This is why it is necessary that you familiarize yourself with them. After you have done that, go ahead and obey them to the latter. You will save yourself a lot of injuries.

Avoid complex stunts and maneuvers

If you are not an expert rider, avoid performing complex stunts and maneuvers. You do not want to fall off and damage your bike, do you? Play it safe to be sure that you do not injure yourself also.

Maintain the scooter in the right shape and form always

Be sure to keep your scooter in the right shape and form all the time. Seal every perforation, tighten every loose part, and replace any parts that are obsolete. This again will minimize the likelihoods of accidents arising.

Do not attach the scooter to another vehicle

Attaching your scooter to another may often cause accidents. This is mainly because the vehicle at the front may usually stop without notice. If and when this happens, the scooter may hit the stationary front vehicle and cause an accident.

Avoid using phones while riding

Phones are distractive. They captivate our attention and prevent us from focusing ahead. This is why you have to keep off using the phones while riding the scooter.

Maintain the right speed

Drive at a moderate speed. Our sensitivity and coordination are impeded at higher speeds. This makes us almost unable to respond to emergency situations well. It is for this reason that you speed of travel has to be moderate enough to let you have full controls of the scooter at all times.

Rest regularly

Rest well before embarking on a ride; you are more likely to ride safely while rejuvenated rather than when exhausted. Sleep well and if you have muscle cramps, stretch them by use of ointment.

Your safety on the road is very important. This is why you have to adhere strictly to the preconditions we have stipulated above. Unfortunately, your choices are limited on this. You just have to observe and uphold those instructions for the best results.

The Verdict

It was a tough call to make, but the Enjoybot Electric Scooter has my heart. It’s durable and light,probably the best electric scooter for commuting.And it’s highly convenient for folks like me who spend half of their time getting on different vehicles to complete the commute going to work and back home. It folds up nicely and fits under a desk and in a small storage space without any trouble.

razor e300

Other people might not appreciate the low max speed, but I find it to be my happy medium when it comes to going fast. 15 miles per hour is nothing to scoff at, and it runs really well as long as there aren’t any large bumps in the road. Going at a slight cruise while admiring everything around is perfect for those days when you’ve got the time to be leisurely.

It doesn't have a display panel like Enjoybot's, so I often lose track of just how much battery I have left, but overall. it's a perfect electric scooter for me, and I highly recommend it to others who have the same lifestyle, too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How Electric Scooters Function?
Answer: All the electric scooters run by battery power. The battery produces electricity by using which the motor works.

Question: How old should you be to ride an electric scooter?
Answer: Usually when you are 16 or more, you are ready to ride it. On the other hand, it also can be driven by the kids but you should buy a low powered electric scooter for them.

Question: What other rules or laws apply to these e-scooters?
Answer: It depends on the law of the state. Most of the cases it does not require any driving license. But, never ride without a helmet and always ride alone.

Question: How fast does an electric scooter go?
Answer: Maximum speed of an electric scooter depends on engine power in fact. But, it can go up to 40 MPH.

Question: How long should I charge my electric scooter?
Answer: If your battery is charged fully, you will see the light signal. The average time of getting a full charge is 12 hours if your battery was fully drained. If the battery shows full charge within a short time that doesn’t indicate the battery is really fully charged. Continue charging for minimum 8 hours.

Question: How does riding an electric scooter compare to a similar gasoline-powered scooter?
Answer: An e-scooter is always better than any gasoline-powered scooter. Gasoline-powered scooter always requires legal papers and license but these are not mandatory in case of an electric scooter. The motor does not produce any sound at all. E-scooter is safer than a gasoline-powered scooter and it also requires low maintenance. Though an electric scooters speed is less than the gasoline-powered scooter, it is safer than a gasoline-powered scooter.

Question: What is the maximum range of a fully charged electric scooter?
Answer: The capacity of a battery determines the range. A full charge new electric scooter can pass 30-50 miles with holding average 220 lbs. But, it depends on many factors such as person weight, driving style, and road.

Question: How long does an electric scooter last?
Answer: It greatly depends on how you use the e-scooter. If you care and maintain it perfectly, it will last up to 5 years. But, its average lifespan is 2-3 years without maintenance.

Question: Can I ride an electric scooter in the bike lane?
Answer: Sorry, it is not legally permitted to ride in the bike lane.

Question: Can I ride an electric scooter on the pavement?
Answer: It varies by location. But, most of the places it is restricted to ride e –scooter on the pavement.

Overall Conclusion

At the end of the day, electric scooters are big fun. They’re efficient and easy to bring around and store. I’ve never heard of any complaints from owners of electric scooters before, and I don’t think that’s going to change anytime soon.

They are also immensely cost-efficient, as compared to a car or a motorcycle. In addition, you would make less of a carbon footprint as well, and that’s always a good thing especially if you are an advocate.

We hope this list helps you choose the supreme electric scooter for you and yours! They’re great gifts, and they’re also pretty functional, too. It’s a great and refreshing way to get in touch with the world around us without having to slow down or add pollution.

Feeling the wind on your face is an incomparable feeling, and it’s also great knowing that you’re not losing a lot of money on gas for electric scooter mileage or anything. The scooter life is for anyone: adults, teens, and kids. Once you’re in, you’re sure to be hooked. Shop and ride on!

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