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Akeno Himejima is one of the main characters in the popular anime series High School DxD. Akeno is a beautiful and powerful devil, who is known for her strong sense of justice and her incredible power. She is also the best friend of Issei Hyodo, the main protagonist of the series. In this article, we will be looking at why Akeno is the best High School DxD character and how she has made an impact on the series.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the strongest ability Akeno possesses?

Akeno’s strongest ability is her mastery of lightning-based attacks. She is capable of generating and controlling powerful lightning bolts and can even create lightning storms to cover entire battlefields. She is also able to use her lightning to create large, destructive explosions.

2. What is the most powerful technique Akeno has used in battle?

Akeno has demonstrated a powerful technique called “Kamuro-no-Kyouen”, which is a combination of her lightning and wind powers. It creates a powerful storm and lightning bolt that has enabled her to defeat powerful opponents.

3. Who is Akeno’s closest ally?

Akeno’s closest ally is her childhood friend, Ravel Phoenix.

4. What are the biggest challenges Akeno has faced in the series?

One of the biggest challenges Akeno has faced in the series is her internal struggle with her identity as a half-human, half-fallen angel hybrid. She was born with the powers of a fallen angel, but she was raised by humans, making it difficult for her to relate to both sides and feel a sense of belonging. She also has to deal with the stigma of being a part-fallen angel in a human world, often being looked down upon and judged by others. Additionally, Akeno has to constantly battle the temptation of the evil power that comes with her fallen angel heritage, as well as the fear of succumbing to that power and being unable to control herself.

5. What is the most meaningful lesson Akeno has learned in the series?

Akeno has learned that it is important to find a balance between relying on others and relying on yourself. She has also learned that it is important to always be true to oneself and to trust in one’s own strength and abilities. Additionally, she has learned the importance of having faith in her friends and allies, and that it is possible to be both strong and kind.

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