15 Best Trick and Stunt Scooter Reviews- The Best Pro Scooters of 2019


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The new and hot commodity of freestyle scooter riding had just taken off a decade ago. And till today, it’s one of the most thrilling urban freestyling. And as you’ve landed on this page searching for the best trick scooter ever to do trick with stunt scooter, might be one of the enthusiasts.

However, buying a good quality trick scooter comes with a lot of homework. First of all, you’ve to figure out and be precise about the purpose of the scooter. Because there are variations of scooters based on this issue.

Moving forward, you need to decide what sort of features, and micro features you require. And lastly, it's the brand value and price that you need to take into consideration. All keeping all these factors in mind, and selecting out the best stunt scooter, is a mammoth task indeed.

And that's where we've come to help you out. We at Joinfuse.com, had a bunch of experts and editors on this very niche. And we're covering a lot of scooter kids and their accessories to help you out picking the right fit. 

As a consequence, we've selected the 15 best stunt scooters of the market and went through every detail of their features. And finally, we rafted down the important features that make the difference. 

At the end of the day, we have a comparative, honest and unbiased review of these 15 pieces of gems. Now, all you have to do is to go through the reviews, pick up a few in your shortlist, and select one according to the buying guide(at the end).

So, let’s start rolling-

Comparison Table






Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

200mm urethane

9.4 pounds

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Aircraft Grade Aluminum

100mm Cast PU 

9.3 pounds

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

6061 T-6 Aluminum

110mm cast Aluminum 

9 pounds

VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter

6061 Aluminum 

Rebounding PU 

8.8 pounds

Envy One Complete Scooter

Reinforced Metal


7.05 pounds

Maxi Micro Scooter


Highest-quality PU 

5.51 pounds

Mongoose Expo Scooter

Steel traction coat

12" Air Inflated 

18 pounds

Envy S2 Colt Freestyle Pro

Prodigy deck


7.05 pounds

Fuzion 2018 Z250 Complete Scooter

6061 T6 Aluminum 

110mm Cast PU 

8 pounds

Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter

Heat-treated aluminum

Solid urethane 

8.4 pounds

Playshion Pro Stunt Scooters

6061 Aluminum 

100mm Polyurethane

7.2 pounds

Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter

6061 Aircraft  Aluminum Box

100mm Aluminum

9 pounds

Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter

Prospect deck

110mm Hollow

8.16 pounds

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

19" long deck

110mm wheels

9.8 pounds

FMX Trick Scooter for Beginner

Flat Deck 

120 MM Metal 

11.7 pounds

Razor A5 Lux Scooter Review- Best Rated Stunt Scooter 2018

What Did We Like Most?

No matter either you have to find a new way of transport, or you have a love for stunts and tricks, we’re more than certain that you’re going to love razor a5 lux scooter review, our #1 pick.

This scooter from Razor is so good that we had to face a hard time figuring out the best of its features. No matter it's the design, the deck, the brake, handles, and wheels, everything stands out from the crowd. 

However, there is one significant feature that we found in almost no other models yet. And that is the patented fold-able design that can be found in a few stunt scooter razor had manufactured. When you’re not riding on it, you can fold this up and carry or store with ease.

Below is the detailed discussion, we've got a broken down discussion on each of the features. Have a look-

Product Overview

First of all, let’s have a look at the deck. It’s a foldable one made of aircraft grade aluminum. On the wide deck, it can carry a person weighing up to 220 pounds. Also, the tube is made of the same material. Which takes us to the point that, none of the deck and tube are going to break in a few years.

We're in serious love with how simply Razor had made this attractive looking scooter. There are three colors available- Pink, Blue, and Red. Also, the color of the adjustable stunt scooter handlebar and the wheel inside are the same. The frame is of the color of pure aluminum. And all these designs and color schemes make the razor a5 lux scooter one of the coolest looking picks of the market.

As mentioned earlier, there is a feature of getting it to fold when you're not riding on it. But in case you don't want to fold it either, the razor a5 lux scooter gives you an option of the kickstand. 

Riders are of different size and height. Especially tall riders often face hardship to get one right fit of the scooter. But the adjustable handlebars of razor a5 lux scooter comes with an adjustable handlebar, which is going to end the struggle taller riders use to face with other models.

Now, come to the point of wheels. The wheels of this scooter are comparatively larger than usual. They’re made of  Urethane and are 8" in size. A bigger wheel of such strong structure is definitely going to give more stability and safety in rides. Also, it comes with a boost in speed. So, stunts and tricks are way easier to make with the razor a5 lux scooter.

What Needs Improvements?

  • Not recommended for wet weather.

Fuzion x3 Pro Scooter Review- best stunt scooter for beginners

Making cool stunts with a low-budget scooter- that sounds like almost impossible to most of us. Until we met the mighty Fuzion x3 Pro, a scooter from a dependable brand that lies within mid-range budget and still assists you in every stunt of entry level.

What we realized is, despite the low price, this stunt scooter will withstand tons of daily abuses, tears, and wears. The solid steel made handlebars, and an awesome headset- that's are also strong reasons for we calling it the best stunt scooter for beginners. 

Apart from its high durability and low price, there are some other features that we’d like to draw your attention into. Here we go-

Product Overview

The Fuzion x3 Pro is a pretty tough build with its Aluminium concave deck with a width of 4 inches. This dimension can easily carry on a variety of stunts and tricks like board slides and tailwhips. Having said that, this trick scooter deck is certainly one of the best of the market. 

To make sure there are as less weak points as possible, Fuzion x3 Pro is made of a few parts as possible. This is very important when it comes to stunt scooters. 

Let’s come to the bars now. The custom bars of Fuzion x3 Pro is made of contoured HT steel which we only found in high-end professional scooters. 

The IHC compression system is another wow of this scooter. It’s made in such a way that all of the parts of it at a correct tension. IHC stands for Integrated Headset Compression system, which means the Fuzion x3 Pro is a comparatively easy-to-dial scooter for the user. Unlike many other scooters, you don't have to take the wheels off. It's dialed out of the box. 

Now come to the point of how hard it is to assemble? Well, being practical, there is the least amount of assembling job required. All you have to do is, pull the neck and put it together with the deck and fork. Finally, you need to tighten the bolts and it's ready to glide on road!

From the whole aforementioned discussion, we can easily come to a decision that, this is the best trick scooter for beginners in the market. What's your thought on that?

What Needs Improvements?

  • The bearings aren’t super smooth as we expected.
  • The handlebars are not adjustable.

Fuzion Z300 pro-Scooter Review- Best Pro Scooter Under 150

What Did We Like Most?

For a sports enthusiast, a cool stunt scooter that he owns is a part of his personality and passion. So, with everything else checked, it must be something stunning. And that's what the strong zone of this fuzion z300 pro scooter is. It’s has got one of the best-looking design in the whole industry of stunt scooters.

The wheels are nicely contrasted with the black and blue components. Same goes for the gorgeous deck and the graphic on the grip. The smooth and solid bearings and headset, the sticker graphics all around it, and the finish- everything together took this scooter to a whole new level.

 And that’s the first and best impression the Fuzion z300 pro scooter would leave on you and your friends.

Product Overview

The Fuzion z300 pro scooter is an all-new pro scooter that fills up the gap between Intro Z250 and Ultra Pro Z400 from the same brand. The neck and deck are made of TG-6061 aluminum and the wheels are made of 110mm PU Cast Aluminum.

Here is a glimpse of the basic structure of Fuzion z300-

There is a one-piece chisel steel form, along with 6061 CNC ALuminium alloy bolts clamps. The wheels are of 100mm Dose radius with high rebound and super fast bearings. The brake is made of Nylon and Steel Triad, which makes it a super-durable and noise-free speed controller.

If you need to take your riding skills forward, the Fuzion z300 pro scooter is probably the best option. Because while doing stunts of intermediate levels, you need to know how to balance forces and impacts evenly on the deck. The wider and tougher 6061 T6 Aluminium deck is a centrally reinforced surface with a flat bottom. Also, the forces exerted on it will evenly distribute to the deck's outer surface. The 3-degree concave design along with the rails, the scooter is ideal for grinding. 

All these features of the scooter lead to the point that it’s the best pro scooter under 150 that would be a perfect companion for your journey to advanced stunting.

What Needs Improvements?

  • The bar is a little large for kids under 12 years and lower.

VOKUL S2 VK3 Pro Scooter Review- Best Freestyle Trick Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

You might already notice that we’ve awarded our ‘best freestyle trick scooter’ award to this Vokul S2 vk3 scooter.

Reasons? Well, we’re very highly impressed with the way it’s built and structured. Having 6061 aircraft grade aluminum as the base material, it has an armor of heat-treated plates. In together, the deck has become lightweight, strong and durable.

Come to the bottom of this model now. The bottom contains a smooth surface, and that’s ideal for grinding. Also, the bar itself is made of solid Carbon steel, fixed with triple bolt clamps. In together, it’s a perfect model for stunting at pro level.

There are other features as well to talk about. Have a look- 

Product Overview

The wheels are surely a part we appreciate about this scooter. They are made smooth and shock absorbing so that they can withstand the freestyle stunt impacts. The material is Urethane, that's liable for its solid wheels.

The bearing of Vokul S2 vk3 is of Chrome ABEC 5 material, which leads to a smooth and simple operating system. With the bearing system, the next thing comes to mind is the break. The rear wheels are made strong and enclosed with 65 Manganese steel protection.

The grip is the last significant feature that we found in Vokul S2 vk3 is its grip. To deal with shock absorption, the grip is intensified by heat treatment. Also, the anti-abrasive surface of the grip surely comes with one of the best safety among all best stunt scooters.

So, once again, we checked every box of quality of this Vokul S2 vk3 and finally, decided that it's the best freestyle trick scooter of this list and beyond. As grip, wheels, and bearings are the three most important part for a stunt scooter, we found extraordinary features in all three of them. 

What Needs Improvements?

  • The 100mm wheels are not as fast as scooters with larger diameter wheels.
  • The deck is comparatively small for adult riders.

Envy One Complete Scooter Review- Best Pro Scooter Under 100

What Did We Like Most?

A couple of features will be listed in this section as the most unique sides of this scooter. First of all, it’s light and 6 series Aluminum made a deck. It's 4.5" wide and 19.5" long deck with a foot space of 14". For the construction, it’s completely worn and tear proof.

The next feature that caught our attention is the two-piece bars, joined together by bolts. 

But in together it’s no less strong than any one-piece bar and possesses a stronger and more durable performance.

Product Overview

In the discussion of the features of Envy One, it’s IHC compression system will be on the top.  It's built right in the forks. The benefit? Well, it makes sure that you don't have to buy a fork and new compression unit separately. Instead of that, you can a bolt in this IHC compression system that will compress the fork shim in the headset.

The bars of Envy One Complete Scooter is a significant upgrade. It contains plenty of spaces for the rider’s hands to grip around. Another specialty of this grip is its thickness where the rider’s hands won’t get sore when you’ve to hold it while doing tricks.

One more thing worth mentioning is its ability to be customized. That makes it stand out from the rest of all. It’s possible to upgrade its parts with other Envy parts. You can custom it’s performance and designs as well. The only issue is, the upgrades are only possible with parts from Envy.

In conclusion, we would like to recommend Envy One Scooter for anyone who's looking for a budget-friendly scooter to start tricks or stunts. It's a good fit for both entry-level riders and teenagers. The assembly of the scooter can be somewhat, a pain. But with that being dealt with once, it’s the best pro scooter under 100 in the market of 2018.

What Needs Improvements?

  • The 100mm wheels are not as fast as scooters with larger diameter wheels.
  • The deck is comparatively small for adult riders.

Maxi Micro Scooter Review- Best Mini Pro Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

Micro scooters are not the cheapest kind of scooters around, but they are best for kids and riders that seek for safe rides. On that note, the best feature of the Maxi Micro Scooter is its special steering mechanism which eventually leads it to one of the safest kid's scooters in the market. In addition, it's capability to provide some extra stability will surely let parents know that their kid is on the safest kind of scooter. 

The bumps and bruises are way less than what we found in a general scooter.

Let’s have a full insight of all significant features that you should know before buying-

Product Overview

First of all, let’s discuss the material that the Maxi Micro scooter is made of. The handlebars and stem are made of strong and A graded Aluminium. The wheels are bearings are made of premium grade ABEC 5 Precision steel. The kickboard is made of Polycarbonate and Nylon plastic, which has a great tensile value. The whole structure is almost crack-proof and unbreakable as well.

An interesting feature that you can only find in premium grade scooter is its virtual immortality. Why do I say this? Well, each and every part of this best mini pro scooter is replaceable. So, you never have to throw it away because of a damaged or cracked part.

Now, let's come to the point of what kind of riders are ideal for this trick scooter. Well, ideally any kid between an age range of 9 to 12 years can ride it. If you count the height, it should lie between 3 feet to 5 feet. For any kids with a longer height, the unextendible handlebar won't be a right fit.

When it comes to the hassle of assembly, you will be happy. Because there is almost no assembly at all. All you need to do is the push the handlebar stem into the mounting hole. And even an 8 years old can do that.

What Needs Improvements?

  • Need to tighten the handlebar with clamps and wrench, which is hard for kids.
  • The handlebar doesn’t extend for taller kids(than 5 feet).

Mongoose Expo Scooter Review- Best Budget Pro Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

For riders and scooter stunt lovers, the tire size is one of the very few factors that define the quality of the stunt. So, if you're bored with the small-sized tires of your old scooter, it's time for an upgrade.

Yes, we are talking about a larger wheel here, which is of 12 inches and the Mongoose Expo Scooter nails it with a combination of tough built with it. 

With a 12 inches tire underneath, the shocks of paved bricks and sidewalks are going to be super easy to ride on. Also, it’s more comfortable than the other kind of scooters.

Within a budget of such tight range, it's almost impossible to find any better stunt bike. So, Mongoose Expo Scooter is our best budget pro scooter.

Product Overview

Let's start with the basic structure of the Mongoose Expo Scooter. It’s a non-foldable scooter with a weight of about 20 pounds. The tires are of 12 inches pneumatic types and that’s one of the iconic features that we found in very few models, including this Mongoose Expo Scooter. The wheels are quite bigger in size, comparing to the other popular scooters like Razor A5.

Talking about the structure and framing of Mongoose Expo Scooter, we found some really pleasing information. It’s made to assist heavy dropouts and the welds provide some really strong joints. The frame is made to hold up to 220 lbs of weight on it. That means that starting from a 12 years old kid to adults of any age can do stunts on it. Although, the manufacturer didn't sell it as an stunt scooter for adults

Now, comes the place where you will stand on and perform all the moves- the deck. The Mongoose Expo Scooter is good enough for kids and adults with no stunt intentions. But in case you're looking for some space to move around, this small deck won't provide them. So, if you're an adult stunt, we would recommend looking for anything with more deck space. 

Overall, our impression of the Mongoose Expo Scooter was not bad. We highly recommend you to go for this if you’re looking for a best budget pro scooter for kids.

What Needs Improvements?

  • Not meant to be an idea adult scooter because of the size.
  • There is a weak plastic deck on the top of the frame.

Envy S2 Colt Scooter Review- Best Stunt Scooter for Teenager

What Did We Like Most?

As you have seen in many cases, there are some scooters that are designed for kids and teenagers. And some are made for adults. Rarely, you can get both in one particular scooter. We were lucky this time in finding one such model- Envy S2 Colt Scooter. Although we're calling it the best stunt scooter for teenagers, it's no less purposeful when it comes to adults.

Starting from a spacious deck, to its 110mm wheels, clamps, bars, forks and so on, it's a good fit for kids of 12 years or older. Also, adults are a good targeted user of Envy S2 Colt Scooter.

Let's jump into the detailed review and explore more of its features-

Product Overview

The deck is a Prodigy 6 series Alu deck with a width of 120mm/4.7" and an angle of 82.5 degrees. One of the best sides of the deck is, it's wide, spacious and contain much room for both adult and teenage riders. You can also replace the grip tape as many times as you like.

As mentioned before, the wheels are of 110mm of diameter and are of metalcore. The bearings are 86A PU AMEC 9. A combination of such wheels and bearings will lead to maximum durability and comfort in riding. Also, a 110mm wheel will be quite hard to deal for entry-level users. So make sure that, if you do stunts on this Envy S2 Colt Scooter, you’re at least at teenage.

The clamp is a 2 COLT clamp. Although the clamp is still a basic one, we think that for not-so-hard stunting, it's okay to go. With a clamp, there are a number of compression system embedded in- the Hidden Internal Compression, The Standard Compression System, Inverted Compression System etc.

The Envy S2 Colt Scooter contains two pieces of IHC 4130 corks. The fully sealed headset will allow the bar to spin freely. For mastering on tricks and freestyling, this is considered to be one of the most important features. The forks are lightweight and made of aluminum. So, that will lead to a comfortable handling and steering.

 The bar is made to be taller than what we've seen in previous models. Its height and width are 23" and 20.5" respectively. The bar is made of steel and is one piece structure instead of two. So, you don’t have to deal with any bar joints that make the structure weak.

What Needs Improvements?

  • No handbrake, although that’s not considered as cons by some riders.
  • There is a frequent complaint from users about the parts being loose.

Fuzion 2018 Z250 Pro Scooter Review- Best Lightweight Pro Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

Fuzion had been quite a popular brand to scooter users for ages. And previously, we’ve discussed models from the brand as part of our best trick scooters. Now at this stage, we’ve got the Fuzion Z250 Pro on the board.

The first impression of this scooter is its design. It’s a well built and fun looking model and you can’t take your eyes off it. Anyone would like to hit the road with such a stunning scooter.

But that’s not the best feature we got in this Fuzion Z250 Pro. 

One of the best parts of its design is its steel bars.

The steel that is used in this model is not just another regular steel. It's a high tensile steel that comes with a stability in handlebars. Riders find it very easy and comfortable to grip the bars.

Let’s have a look at other features of this pick-

Product Overview

In the discussion of the detailed feature of Fuzion Z250 Pro, we'd like to draw your attention to its deck. The manufacturer calls it the Chronos deck design, and it really scraps the sky of the standard. While tested and verified by pro users, this deck can withstand heavy loads and stresses of any rider of any age.

Also, Fuzion Z250 Pro features a dog bone deck. And the reason why it is important is- it helps a lot to distribute the weight evenly. Also, this dog bone design contains a concave feature at both ends. Overall, it's one of the most uniform deck ever made by the brand Fuzion. 

The next thing that I would like to draw your attention to is the HIC compression system. Usually, we found that kind of compression system. The top benefit of such compression system is, they almost never come to a point of loosening up. So, you have to deal with a minimum number of tightening job.

With the Fuzion Z250 Pro, you can ride almost anywhere. It’s one of the most lightweight products that we've found with almost all kind of qualities in it. Check out whether it fits your requirements of quality or not.

What Needs Improvements?

  • Only three colors available to chose from.

Pulse Performance Products KR2 Scooter Review- Best Entry Level Stunt Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

Stunt scooters are all about tricks and flips. But for a beginner in the game, that’s not always true. A beginner in the game actually looks for ease in control and movement, so that he can start learning the tricks without any issues.

So, we’ve got the best entry level stunt scooter which is Pulse performance KR2. It’s a freestyle scooter with a strong build and structure. But the best part of it is, it’s so much easy to control. 

And that’s the best part of this scooter so far. Although we’ve got a few more features broken down below-

Product Overview

Let’s talk about the wheels and the bearing at first. The kR2 has got a 100mm high impact wheels along with an ABEC-5 bearing. ABEC-5 bearings are the best kind of bearing that you can see on best trick scooters in the market.

This 2-wheeler is the best fit for beginners, and we've already told you that. But what we didn't tell you yet is it’s extended handlebars. The handlebar may seem to be oversized at a first glance, but for a person who is having his first days with stunt scooters, that’s kind of important.

Sometimes, the control and direction of this scooter may go wrong. So, you may need to press breaks on a quick basis. In case you can't do that with legs, you can use the break on the rear foot. It's of flat spring-steel, and it works so quickly. 

This scooter for a beginner is made of the strong and sturdy steel frame. Also, it's one of the few models that come with rich features and are cheap trick scooters as well. The frame is equipped with a heat-treated deck made of aluminum.

Now come to one of the charming parts about the Pulse Performance KR2. And that is, it’s the cheapest pick of the entire list, and probably among all the popular models of the current market. If you're super tight in your budget, this would be the best pro scooter under 50.

What Needs Improvements?

  • No break in the handlebar.
  • Not a good fit for adult users with pro stunt skills.

Playshion Pro Stunt Scooters

What Did We Like Most?

Wheels are one of the most important parts of any best trick scooter. And in case you’re willing to get a cheap model with strong wheelbase, the Playsion Pro is the best pick for you.

The wheels of Playshion Pro are of metal core Polyurethane, and the size is 100mm. Along with this strong wheels, the ABEC 9 bearing is coupled up. So, in together, it will lead to a smooth ride and a promise of years of durability.

Having a great wheel is the best thing about this scooter. But there are also some more to talk about. Go further and you’ll go through the other features of it-

Product Overview                       

The Playshion Pro is a beautiful looking model of a scooter with three colors and models available. The deck size is 20.3” Length x W 4.7 inches. The handlebar is a wide one to provide enough grip and room to the rider.

Moving forward to its design, we found the black grip a good fit for regular and long-hours stuntwork. Also, the bar and deck- both are made of premium graded aluminum. And that’s the reason why Playshion Pro is so light in weight.

Talking about the weight, I seriously appreciate how the brand had been able to put all these into a weight of just 7.7lbs. But with the lightweight, it doesn't mean that it's only meant for kids. Well, the manufacturer has declared it as a good fit for kids of 8+ years old. But it can take up to a weight limit of 220lbs.

One interesting feature that I can’t help mentioning is its grip tape on the deck. With the rear wheel, there is a solid grip tape on the deck. The job of this piece is to prevent you from slipping. So, you can focus on riding only.

The scooter is easy to assemble, and the box itself will have a Deck and Allen ratchet right in the box. But you may find some difficulties in settling this up in one hand. Because of the three piece-handle bar, it may take an expert’s assembly.

The price of the scooty seems to be very friendly to those of us who’re tight in budget. Give it a try if everything else suits your necessities.

What Needs Improvements?

  • The assembly can be hard for non-experts.
  • Three parts of the handle lead to less powerful physical caliber.

Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

We’ve talked about a couple of Fuzion scooters already. The Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter is going to be the third entry of the list. This product is a combination of everything that we call good about a scooter. The design, the structure, and the price- everything is loved by the users, and so do we.

Let’s have a look at the detailed features listed below-

Product Overview

The components of Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter is of A class. The standard of parts that we’ve found in this scooter can only be expected in something of way higher price.

 They are also light in weight, durable for years and dialed right out of the box.

Got the parts out of the box? Great! Now all you have to do is to tighten the bolts and you are all ready to ride!

The scooter is made to be a pro level scooter. What it means is, starting from teenage riders with few months of experience before, to pro level riders, everyone will find this one a right fit!

The Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter is blessed with ALuminium. Why do I say that? Well, the deck itself is of 20”x4” and made of aircraft grade Aluminium. Also, the core of the wheels is also made of aluminum with a high cast PU.

In addition, more strengths are affirmed from the reinforced V-bars. In case you don’t have to face any trouble with the brake, the Nylon and Steel brake is there. You will have a smooth and almost instant brake with no noise at all.

The headset is another part of the attraction, as it's completely threadless. The sealed bearings and stamped steel Fork is what we call a class. In together, the Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter would be a great buy for the money!

What Needs Improvements?

  • The deck width is 4” only, which is pretty narrow.

Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

Lucky Scooter hadn’t been a popular brand in the industry. And the scooter that we're talking about, wasn't in our primary list either. But with some of the overwhelming appreciations of its users, we got to have a look at it. And what we found is really awesome!

The best part of this expensive scooter is the quality of its parts, and the way it's built for high stunts and actions. 

Don't get lowered by the word ‘expensive', because it's completely worth the price. Have a look at the features below and we're certain that you'll agree with me-

Product Overview

FOX is a pro level scooter, made to be one of the ultra-lightest picks of the market. It weighs only about 8 pounds. The lucky Kinkbar is made out of super strong 4130 Chromoly. With a combination of such lightweight and high strength, it's definitely going to be the best companion of you in the game. 

Another cool part of this Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter is, it's designed is customizable. The classic black wheels are killer design is ready to colorize itself as per your wish. So, get the color scheme that suits with your style the best, and get it right on the deck of your favorite Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter.

There are a number of reasons why this scooter lasts for long. First of all, we mentioned how the model is crafted from aircraft grade aluminum. The robotic TIG welds ensure joints that withstands almost every shakes and impacts. In together, the whole unit is surely one of the most durable products of the market.

Lucky hadn’t been so popular for ages. But within this short span of time, they have been one of the popular names. And we hope that you like the Lucky TFOX Sig Pro Complete Freestyle Scooter on an equal basis.

What Needs Improvements?

  • The price is way more than the features it offers.

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

One of the very few things what a scooter owner cares about it its design. Because, no matter how strong a scooter is, it can't put a smile on his face until it's cool to look at. And that leads to an expectation of buying your favorite scooter from a variety of color option. And that’s where the Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter comes on the podium. 

This very scooter is a good one, in terms of quality. But what blew our mind is it’s 9 different versions, each varying from the next one in terms of color and design. It's the perfect pick for both intermediate and beginners. So, almost every one of us would get the chance of picking up the color that suits oneself’s attire best.

Product Overview

Now, let's discuss some of the important features of the pick. The deck is made of well-balanced material and with a width of 4.5 inches, which is considered to be more than what we call a small deck. So, you will have plenty of spaces to move on it.

The next thing is its compression. It's of Mini HIC. Although that's not the best compression system in the industry, it can still get a thumbs up. The fork is reinforced one with a high tensile strength. The headset is completely integrated with the Pheonix Top Cap.

The clamp is a smooth double clamp, and the bars are of Hi-tensile steel T bars.

Wheels of Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter are of 110mm and are made of 88A alloy. The bearings are of ABEC 9. And the brake is of a Flex brake from the same brand of Pheonix.

The handle is one part. So, you don't have to do any nut and bolt joints here. And that will also provide more strength.

Considering the price, the features seem to be okay. But some of us users think that it's still a few bucks more than what it should be.

What Needs Improvements?

  • Wheels are not capable of taking heavy impacts.

FMX Trick Scooter

What Did We Like Most?

Our last pick of the list is FMX Trick Scooter, and it’s a great pick for both beginners and pros, and everyone in between. From all of the features of this cool scooter, we liked the revolutionary design and speed most.

The FMX Trick Scooter comes with a flat deck and a good quality grip. We've talked about the design more in the following section below. But for now, let's focus on the speed. 

The metal core wheels and the fast and responsive bearings really accelerate the speed by a lot. And that's what actually we scooter owners have always desired for.

So, what are the other important features of FMX Trick Scooter? Let’s see-

Product Overview

First of all, the FMX Trick Scooter is not for beginners. The structure, design, and build are dedicated to riders that are at their intermediate or pro level. It can hold about 220 pounds, which seems to be good. The deck is a flat tire and then it has ultra grip tape.

The compression system is SCS and the fork is of forged aluminum type. The T-bars are made of Chromo steel, and the clamps are Quadruple fitted. For performing tricks and rides, all these specs are up to the mark.

 The structure of this pro scooter is solid and it’s ASTM certified. What it means is, it’s engineered to last for long. But as it's a pro scooter, you need to take regular care of it.

What Needs Improvements?

  • The bar height isn’t a good fit for tall people.
  • Need frequent maintenance.

Thing To before consider buying a trick scooter

A scooter can be just a kid's toy to ride on, or an alternative transport system for adults, or a trick and stunt kit for some of us. Depending on what you're looking for, the purpose, structure, and price will vary a lot. So, it's important to be aware of all the buying factors before you actually get and buy one. Here is the buying guide on the best trick scooter-

Have A Look at the Deck 

The deck is the most significant part of a trick scooter because that's the place where you're going to stand and perform. Usually, they are 50cm long and 10cm in width. For any users with an age of 8 years or more, that seems to be perfect. In case you're looking for some more space to move on, you may have to increase the price.

Size of the Ba​​​​​​​​rs

This varies from users to users. So, it’s hard to say that which height of the bar is the best. But in a general sense, higher bars are for adults and tall people, where standard bars in common models are made for teenagers.

The Quality of the Wheel

The wheels are the most important parameter when it comes to the question of speed and durability. As this part of the entire scooter is going to have a direct constant with the road, it needs to be strong in structure. As most of the models are stunt scooters with rubber wheel, you have to keep an eye on the quality of the rubber as well. 

Also, larger wheels with better quality material come with a promise of long-term durability.

The Design

Unlike a 50cc scooter and moped, a stunt scooter is part of style and outlook for a user. So, it’s best to customize it’s outlook as per your preferences before you hit the road with it. Some of the scooters are with a number of design options to choose from. Some scooters like Razor pro even comes with a foldability, and kickstand as well. Weight is another factor that decides how smoothly you are going to perform on the scooter.

Parts of A Trick Scooter

In case you are new in the game, and buying your first stunt scooter, it's important to have a firm idea on each of its parts and their functions. Here is our brief on parts of a trick scooter-

The Bar

It’s the part of the scooter that determines how your scooter will feel like while driving. The size and dimension of the bar vary from users to users. The bar is good if it’s made of something as strong as steel.

The Fork

The fork of a scooter is almost like one from a bicycle, but it carries much more important in this case. The fork is the direct link then goes through the headset and connects the bar deck and front wheel together.

The Deck 

The deck is the most significant part of your scooter, where you'll stand and ride. It can be of a variable length, dimension, concaves and so on. Current standards of decks are of one-piece body and tubes. If you’re looking for a kid’s scooter, the deck size will be small or moderate. But in case you’re looking for an adult's stunt scooter, you have to make sure that the deck width is good enough.

The headset

If you’re interested in doing tricks with your scooter, the headset is the part that you have to focus on. The headset consists of bearings, fork race, bearing cups and a top cap.


The last significant and important part of the scooter is the wheel. They can be of a number of size variation and material. The size of the wheels defines how fast you can ride on the scooter.

Other parts of the scooter contain the compression, the clamp, the brake etc.

Some Cool Scooter Trick Tutorials

With the best stunt scooter in hands, you can do a handful of tricks and stunts to become the hero to your friends and pals. For a quick guide, here is the list of 3 of the coolest(but easy trick scooter lessons that you can start learning right away-

Trick 1: Hopping with both wheels. 

Trick 2: Fakie or Riding the scooter backward.  

Trick 3: Nose pivot. 

Bottom Line

We’re glad that you’ve made it to the very last to the content. Hope that, you’ve been helped with the information you needed about the best trick scooters in the market. Now all you would do is, prepare a buying shortlist, and choose one from them based on your final buying factors.

Good luck with your purchase!

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