Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Sunroof

Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Sunroof 1

The Tesla Model 3 is one of the most popular electric cars on the market. Many people love it for its sleek design and impressive range. But does it have a sunroof?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. The Model 3 does not come with a sunroof option. This may be disappointing to some potential buyers, but there are still plenty of reasons to love the Model 3.

Tesla Glass | The Secret to a Quiet Cabin

The Tesla Model 3 is a highly anticipated electric car that has been much talked about since its announcement in 2016. One of the most common questions people have about the Model 3 is whether or not it will have a sunroof. Unfortunately, there is no official word from Tesla on this matter and we can only speculate based on what we know about the car so far.

However, given that the Model 3 is meant to be a more affordable option than the Model S and X, it seems unlikely that it would come standard with a sunroof. After all, sunroofs are generally considered to be luxury features that add to the overall cost of a vehicle. So if you’re hoping for a sunroof in your Model 3, you may be out of luck.

Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Sunroof


Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Sunroof

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a panoramic glass roof that extends over both rows of seats. This provides an expansive feeling inside the cabin and plenty of natural light. There is also a power sunshade that can be used to block out unwanted sunlight or heat when needed.

How Much Does the Tesla Model 3 Sunroof Cost

The Tesla Model 3 sunroof costs $2,000. It is made of tempered glass and is tinted to reduce heat and glare. The sunroof is operated by a switch on the center console and can be opened or closed while driving at speeds up to 25 miles per hour.

What are the Benefits of Having a Sunroof on the Tesla Model 3

Assuming you are referring to the Tesla Model 3’s panoramic glass roof, here are some benefits: 1. The glass roof gives the car a more luxurious feel and look. 2. It provides passengers with an improved view and experience, especially when combined with the car’s all-glass windshield.

3. The sunroof can help improve cabin ventilation and climate control. 4. In warmer weather, it can help keep the interior of the car cooler by allowing heat to escape. 5. In colder weather, it can help reduce road noise and provide natural light to brighten up the cabin space.


The Tesla Model 3 does not have a sunroof. This is because the car’s roof is made of metal and glass, which would make it very difficult to install a sunroof. However, some Model 3 owners have modded their cars to add sunroofs.

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Does the Tesla Model 3 Have a Sunroof 4
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