How Do Shallow Mount Subs Work

It is not in doubt that the subwoofers greatly enhance the production of sounds. That is because they amplify the bass but make it more audible than the woofer themselves. Also, these electronics consume manageable amounts of electrical power. This, in turn, translates into reduced utility bills or operational expenses.

Is it not advisable then to get to know more about them? We have devoted this article to just that. We are going to revisit just what a shallow-mount subwoofer is. Thereafter, we are going to get into the inner details of setting them up for eventual use.

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To begin with, the shallow-mount subwoofer is a special kind of woofer. It is smaller in size and consumes less power than the woofer. Also, its power consumption is limited which in turn leads to a reduction in the utility bills.

This subwoofer is mountable on the smallest available spaces out there. For this reason, it is easier and more convenient to handle. Regardless of the amount of space you might have at your disposal, you may be sure to be able to utilize it. This is not to mention the comparatively great sound output. 

How Do Shallow Mount Subs Work?

A subwoofer in its entire shape and form is not so different from your standard woofer. It is basically a speaker which is intended to exude the lowest bass frequencies which are reproduced by your stereo system.

Unlike your ordinary woofer speaker, this one does not reproduce a wide range of frequency. That is because it lacks the capacity to generate the deepest bass frequencies. In its basic shape and form, it comprises a built-in amplifier and works hand in hand with a larger woofer. By utilizing these two co-operant factors, this electronic produces deeper and clearer bass signals.

Most, though not all, subwoofers are powered. This means that they require an external source of power to be able to run and generate the sound output necessary. The power is channeled to the built-in amplifier which in turn reproduces and amplifies the sound output.

The passive subwoofers, on the other hand, require no external power supply. That is because they draw theirs from the receivers. For this reason, they are reliable in areas that are cut off from the national grid like the remote areas and those that ordinarily have no access to the reliable power supply. You will find them pretty great while on the move.

Most subwoofers are able to generate clearer and better-sounding bass than ordinary speakers. They typically find applicability and relevance in cars and motorcycles. They do move the air to be able to reproduce the sound output.

Their speaker cones are generally larger in size than those of the ordinary speakers. With regards to this, they provide greater excursion in the form of some back-and-forth movements of the speaker itself. In this way, they are capable of moving more air.

Perhaps setting its sound output apart from the others is the fact that it is omnidirectional. This simply means that the sound output is channeled to the four corners of the earth. Being the case, everybody in the room, regardless of his precise location, has a fair chance to listen to the sound output as audibly as possible.

However, you are highly advised to place them at the corner of a room. This is to let the sounds impact the farthest and the widest areas or spheres of influence. It is also recommended that you get rid of any other sources of interferences, excessive absorbers, or reflectors that might compromise the sound output.

Who Makes The Best Shallow Mount Subwoofer?

Even though the field of the manufacture of the shallow mount subwoofer is flooded with many players, some brands have stood out strong. They have been noted to be great at manufacturing quality products which endure the test of time. As of 2019, the following are by far the most reliable brands:

  • Rockford
  • Pioneer
  • Kicker
  • Kenwood
  • Alpine
  • JL Audio


We have fulfilled our promise by letting you know all you might want to, regarding the subject matter of the shallow mount subwoofer. It is now up to you to implement the insight we have furnished you. Simply make it a point of installing this wonderful gadget in your car or condominium.

How have you found our pieces of advice? We would like to receive your feedback. This will go a long way in enhancing how we conduct future researches. Kindly drop your comment below. Best of luck also, in your next installation of the shallow-mount subwoofer!

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