How Much Does a Ford Fiesta Weigh

How Much Does a Ford Fiesta Weigh 1

A Ford Fiesta weighs about 2,600 pounds. That’s about the same as a Honda Civic or a Toyota Corolla. The Fiesta is a small car, so it’s not surprising that it’s not as heavy as some of the larger cars on the market.

But even though it’s not the heaviest car out there, it’s still important to make sure you’re not overloading your Fiesta with too much weight. If you do, you could end up damaging your car or making it difficult to drive.

Weighing my Ford Fiesta ST Stage 4 RT 330

How Much Does a Ford Fiesta Weigh? The Ford Fiesta is a small car that’s big on value. It’s one of the most affordable cars on the market, yet it doesn’t sacrifice style or performance.

The Fiesta has a nimble handling and a comfortable ride, making it a joy to drive. And with its fuel-efficient engine, the Fiesta is easy on your wallet at the pump. But how much does this little car weigh?

The answer may surprise you – the Ford Fiesta weighs in at just 2,537 pounds (1,146 kg). That’s pretty light for a car! And it gets even better when you compare the Fiesta’s weight to other small cars on the market.

For example, the Honda Fit weighs about 2,700 pounds (1,225 kg) and the Toyota Yaris tips the scales at around 2,600 pounds (1,179 kg). So when it comes to weight savings, the Fiesta has those other cars beat. What does all this mean for you?

If you’re looking for a small car that’s easy on gas and easy on your budget, then take a close look at the Ford Fiesta. This little car has plenty to offer – including its lightweight design!

How Much Does a Ford Fiesta Weigh


How Much Does a Ford Fiesta Weigh

A Ford Fiesta weighs around 2,600 pounds. This weight will vary depending on the model and year of the car. The weight of a car is important to consider when buying a new one.

You want to make sure that the car you choose is not too heavy for your needs.


The Ford Fiesta is a small sedan that has been in production since 1976. It weighs around 2,600 pounds.

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How Much Does a Ford Fiesta Weigh 4
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