Why Do Cops Have Red Interior Lights

Why Do Cops Have Red Interior Lights 1

The red interior light in a police car is used to help the officer see inside the vehicle at night. It also makes it easier for other drivers to see the police car when it is stopped on the side of the road. The red light is not required by law, but many departments choose to use them.

Inside of a police car

Cops have red interior lights to help them stay visible while on patrol. Red is the most visible color of light, so it helps cops be seen by other drivers and pedestrians. This can help prevent accidents, and it also makes it easier for witnesses to identify a police car if there’s ever an incident.

Why Do Cops Have Red Interior Lights

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How Do Police Officers Use Red Interior Lights

Red interior lights are used by police officers for a variety of purposes. The most common use is to provide illumination inside the vehicle while the officer is driving at night. This allows the officer to see what is going on outside the vehicle without having to turn on the headlights, which would give away their location.

Red interior lights can also be used to help an officer locate a suspect who has fled into darkness. By using the red light, the officer can keep track of the suspect’s movements and eventually apprehend them. Another common use for red interior lights is during traffic stops.

When an officer pulls over a car, they will often turn on their red interior light in order to better see inside the vehicle. This allows them to look for any potential threats and also makes it easier to write out a ticket or warning if necessary.

What are the Benefits of Having Red Interior Lights in Police Vehicles

Police vehicles are equipped with red interior lights for a number of reasons. First, the color red is known to have a calming effect on people, which can be helpful when officers are responding to a potentially volatile situation. Red light also has the ability to penetrate fog and smoke better than other colors, making it easier for police to see what’s going on inside a burning building or car.

Additionally, red interior lights help preserve night vision, which is important for safety when officers are working in low-light conditions.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Using Red Interior Lights in Police Cars

No, there are no drawbacks to using red interior lights in police cars. In fact, many experts believe that red interior lights actually improve visibility for officers inside the car while also reducing glare and eye fatigue.


While the standard green or white interior lights found in most police cars are perfectly fine, many officers prefer to have red interior lights instead. The main reason for this is that red light is less disruptive to night vision than other colors of light. This can be a big help when an officer is trying to stay alert and focused during a long shift.

Additionally, red light does not reflect off of surfaces as much as other colors of light, so it can help keep a car’s interior darker and less visible from the outside.

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Why Do Cops Have Red Interior Lights 4
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