Scooter Size By Age

Scooter Size By Age: Comprehensive Guide That You Need To Know

Scooters are great means of personalized transportation. However, they are only as relevant and handy as their suitability to the unique needs of the rider. This is to mean that for a scooter to be of any use, it has to be compatible with the size and preferences of the rider. This can only happen […]

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How To Clean Ceramic Bearings

How To Clean Ceramic Bearings?

Ceramic bearings perform a great role and contribution in enhancing the smooth flow of the wheels of scooters and other vehicles. However, they, just like every other part or component of the movable vehicles sustain dirt and other forms of defilement. These impede their smooth functioning which in turn imposes unnecessary inconveniences to you. You, therefore, […]

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How To Make Scooter Wax

How To Make Scooter Wax: Homemade And DIY Project

From time to time, you will definitely need to apply wax to some of the movable portions of a scooter. This is to seal the loopholes which may arise every quite often. These waxes are ordinarily very expensive. Moreover, they may not be easily accessible. For this reason, you had better be able to make […]

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electric scooter vs hoverboard

Scooter Vs. Hoverboard: What Are The Differences Between Them?

Electric scooters are two of the most common forms of personal transportation. They are both cheaper to afford, consume a minimal amount of fuel, are small and compact, and very flexible. This is not to mention that they are manufactured by almost the same companies or brands. However, their similarities end there. Beyond the similar traits […]

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50cc dirt bike

How Fast Does a 50cc Dirt Bike Go?

Dirt bikes play great roles in transporting humans and cargo from one place to another. They also perform a myriad of other related chores including but not limited to leisure, mountain climbing, and fitness. The fastest pace at which they may possibly move depends on several factors. In our discussions below, we are going to highlight […]

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How To Dial A Scooter

How To Dial A Scooter: Everything You Need To Know

Scooters are great means for personal transportation. However, they too are prone to damages and breakdowns, just like every other equipment. These could be due to old age, accidents, vandalism, and simply wear and tear. They, if not mitigated in time, lead to complete breakdowns which may in turn subject you to the risks of accidents […]

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How To Fix An Electric Scooter

How To Fix An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters, just like every other vehicle, are also subject to the problems of breakdowns and other issues. Given that these electric scooter problems may arise at any time and without notice, it is in your best interest to equip yourself with the various do-it-yourself repairs and maintenance tips. This is the only surety that […]

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scooter 101

Scooter 101: What You Need to Know Must

Perhaps no other form of modern transportation is as versatile and simple to engage as the scooter. These machines have indeed revolutionized the manner in which short-term travels are carried out. It is for this reason that they have to be studied in greater details. We are going to do just that in the proceeding discussions. […]

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Tailwhip On A Scooter

How To Do A Tailwhip On A Scooter: Step By Step Guideline

Riding a scooter the normal way is never that interesting. You may often need to perform some acrobatic maneuvers to improve your experience and enjoyment of the same. The tailwhip is an example of those maneuvers. For a start, the tailwhip is basically a series of tricks that you may perform on the scooters. In its […]

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how to Make Scooter Bars Taller

How To Make Scooter Bars Taller

The ideal scooter has to be able to ‘grow’ with the rider. This is to enable it to serve as many kinds and heights of users as possible. The logic that underlies this is pretty simple. You will generally buy the scooter for your own use, granted. In reality, though, the scooter will be utilized […]

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